As the nation's capital and the home of our democratic government, Washington DC, like no other city, holds a vaunted place in the world, as it represents the ideal of a free and self-governing nation. Founded in 1791, the District of Columbia was the world's first planned national capital. When Congress is in session, the town is bustling with the inner workings of our democracy. The capital, however, remains one of the most active cities in the Union for reasons beyond day-to-day politicking. Tourism is one of the city's biggest sources of revenue, and its world-class museums and famous monuments are a perennial draw for citizens and foreigners alike.

The capital is a showcase of America itself, a city teeming with representation of the past, present, and future. It is a place where a proud nation's legacy lives on and the culture of its people is celebrated in the city's theatre and music, parks and gardens, and so much more. Popular with the entertainment industry, the capital is often referred to as "Hollywood on the Potomac" for its ubiquitous presence in both television and movies. Another reason for this nickname is the group of politically-active celebrities who love to go to Washington for a mix of partying, lobbying, and hob-nobbing. A symbol of America's freedom and liberty, Washington welcomes everyone to explore past history and witness history in the making.
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